RoomsXpert Online Booking Engine for Corporates and Enterprises

RoomsXpert A Reliable Online Booking Engine for Corporates and Enterprises

Arranging travel for corporates can be quite cumbersome. You start off with hours and hours of research to find the travel options and hotels that suit the travellers needs and requirements. Then there's also the corporate's travel related policies that must be factored in before one puts together a final list of options for approval. You see where we are going with this. The entire process, though understandably tedious, is often time bound i.e. everything needs to be sorted and put together in a relatively short period of time. And this is precisely why folks who put together the travel for business trips are often in the need of dependable online booking engine for corporates and enterprises that can take some of the burden off their shoulders. And if you too are looking for a provision such as this, then look no further than RoomsXpert.

RoomsXpert, a high quality B2B travel website that provides a top-notch online booking engine for corporates and enterprises, is aimed at people looking to quickly find the right travel and stay options for corporate travel. Our service ensures users find the most cost-effective and cut-rate lodging options that also include a large variety of total 'value-for-money' hotels. Thus, we are able to offer users not only a vast variety of economic options but also a large number of unique properties that have yet to be discovered by the larger population in more than 85,700 cities in over 190 countries across the globe. To cut the story short, RoomsXpert is basically an aggregator that provides a straightforward and effortless hotel reservation process. Besides that, the RoomsXpert goal is also to make the task of making hotel reservations as easy as it can possibly get.

RoomsXpert is able to extend such a wide variety of options to its users via the business arrangements we have established with a large number of B2B and B2C companies. This way we are able to provide users the opportunity to choose a hotel from more than 10 lakh properties worldwide. What further sets our platform apart in this highly competitive market is the fact that our association with a myriad B2B establishments gives us access to their discounted rates. Interestingly, the discounts offered on the rates available B2B sites reach as high as 40 to 50 per cent quite often which allows RoomsXpert the ability to offer its users a considerable discount in price. Thus, in addition to providing seamless access to economical rates, we are also able to provide the assurance that users can save at least 30 per cent in their yearly hotel costs.

Another reason why RoomsXpert is the 'go to' choice for people looking for an online booking engine for corporates and enterprises is the fact that RoomsXpert is a login-based platform which means hotel rates cannot be accessed by end users. Additionally, the RoomsXpert platform integrates both, B2C and B2B websites, on a single screen to make the process of searching, comparing, and booking hotels easier than ever.