RoomsXpert The Corporate Travel Portal

The Corporate Travel Portal

Organizing and working out the details for a business trip often translates to scanning through the internet for both, your travel and stay options. You also have to take into account the company's travel related policies before finalizing anything. Long story short, looking for the right travel and stay options and then putting together the final list for approval can cost people and companies a lot of precious time. This is where RoomsXpert, a corporate travel portal, comes in -- to ease some of that burden off your shoulders.

RoomsXpert, a B2B travel website, makes making hotel reservations as easy as ABC. We offer an abundance of options, often gems hidden from the public's knowledge, in more than 85,700 cities in over 190 countries around the world. We are essentially an aggregator that provides an uncomplicated and unambiguous hotel reservation system. The RoomsXpert corporate travel portal promises to deliver the most economical and cost-effective options in the form of a large number 'value-for-money' hotels.

We have established business arrangement with several B2B and B2C establishments that allows the platform to offer users the opportunity to pick from more than 10 lakh hotels across the globe. What sets us further apart is that our tie-ups with B2B companies allows us to access their discounted rates unlike B2C companies. Besides the unfettered access to economic rates, the other added benefit is that quite a lot of times the discounts offered on the rates available B2B sites can go up to as much as 40 to 50 per cent. This, in turn, allows us to offer RoomsXpert's users a sizeable reduction in price. This way, we are also able to offer a guarantee that you will be able to save no less than 30 per cent in your yearly hotel costs.

The other distinguishing characteristics of our corporate travel portal includes the fact that it is a login-based platform where the hotel rates that cannot be accessed by end users. Furthermore, RoomsXpert integrates both, B2C and B2B websites, on a single screen to further ease the process of searching, comparing, and booking hotels in any part of the world.