About RoomsXpert

About Us

RoomsXpert is a B2B travel website that enables users to book hotels in 85700+ cities in 190+ countries across the globe. Simply put, we serve the role of an aggregator that delivers a straightforward and effortless hotel reservation system. Our platform, a hotel booking online portal for corporates, in its endeavour to present the most cost-efficient options, brings countless 'value-for-money' properties to the fore that may remain undiscovered otherwise.

Thanks to tie-ups with numerous B2B and B2C online hotel reservation sites in India and across the world, RoomsXpert also affords user the chance to choose from over 1 million hotels worldwide. Furthermore, while B2C websites are able to reach customers directly, the mode of operation of B2B companies dictates that only service providers such as RoomsXpert are privy to their rates. Taking into account the fact that oft times discounts available on the rates on B2B sites can be as high as 40 to 50 per cent, we are also able to facilitate a considerable markdown. Thus, in addition to a wide range of options, our service also guarantees you save at least 30 per cent in your annual hotel costs.

Furthermore, we are currently also pursuing the possibility to display tax inclusive rates on our website. This, in turn, will make sure that users don't have to wait to arrive at the final booking page in order to see the total price thus giving RoomsXpert an edge over its peers and competitors in the domain of online travel solution for corporates.


How RoomsXpert stands apart from the crowd

  • It combines both, B2C and B2B websites.
  • It is a login-based platform where the hotel rates that cannot be accessed by end consumers.
  • Both B2B and B2C sites are integrated on a single screen, thus making the process of searching, comparing, and booking even easier.

It is important to note that since RoomsXpert is an aggregator service, it does not charge patrons. Instead, they are redirected to the respective websites from where they will make the concerned reservations. Customers’ transactions are concluded on partners’ websites and not with RoomsXpert.