World’s Best Locations for Destination Weddings

With people having much more spending power at their hand and so much in the world to explore and see, the concept of destination weddings is on a rise. Couples are trying their best to make their wedding a lavish and memorable affair, and choosing an exotic location away from the home is a good idea to do so. After all the wedding dress, the food and flowers are important, but it’s the venue that highlights the entire wedding. So, from beautiful beaches to insta worthy mountain tops, here is a list of five popular places for destination weddings across the globe:


Easy to access and truly beautiful islands, Bahamas is the perfect place to get married. A place where you can find extremely friendly and English speaking people who will happily take care of your guests and their needs, Bahamas offers pre planned packages for weddings that a couple can choose from and will also happily customise them to suit your needs. It is easy to say that wedding in Bahamas is nothing less than a fairy tale affair.

Bahamas islands


A huge country with glorious landscapes, beautiful snow covered peaks, jungle highlands and exotic beaches – Mexico has something for everyone. Planning a wedding in Mexico is an easy affair as you can easily find locals who are fluent in English to cater to your needs and American Dollar is acceptable mode of currency. If that is not enough to convince you, Mexico also has amazing food to choose from.

Mexico Beaches

3.Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an incredibly beautiful small country. For weddings, Costa Rica has the options of intimate to lavish beach weddings to grand celebrations in European castles. The romantic locations will make the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding and for the guests, there are white and beaches, lush green forests and various opportunities to go hiking and trekking so that they can also have a good time.

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Costa Rica


What could be a better destination to get married other than one of the world’s most romantic destination? The weddings in Italy are known to be a grand affair, with a variety of mouth-watering dishes, exotic decoration of flowers and a countryside charm. The destination boasts of grace and elegance and it is easily depicted in the entire wedding affair.


5.Las Vegas

If exotic and fine is not your taste, head to the wedding capital of the world – Las Vegas. Forget about the exhausting formalities and typical weddings and go for a wedding that is exciting, fun , passionate and worth remembering. Many resorts offer wedding packages that suit your budget or you can go ahead and plan one of your own.

Las Vegas

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