Unexplored Beaches of India

In spite of a long coastline that India has, when we think of planning a beach vacation, we end up planning for Goa. Even if you are a regular traveller, you end up planning for the beaches at Andaman & Nicobar Islands. But do you know India has a handful of secret unexplored beaches that you may have not even heard of. So who not explore them when you plan for your next vacation before they become too mainstream? We bring you a list of 7 virgin beaches that you can look forward to:

1.Serenity beach, Pondicherry

Well the name of the beach does half the work. Right? Take a walk along the coast in beautiful white sands to relax yourself or spend a lazy day reading a book or sun bathing. Located at a mere ten minute drive from the city, it is lined by palm trees and gives an amazing view of Bay of Bengal.

Serenity beach, Pondicherry1

2.Nirvana Beach, Karnataka

Do not be surprised if you find yourself holidaying alone at this beach. Virgin and untouched in its purest sense, Nirvana beach is locatd about 30kms away from the town of Gokarna. The sunset here is worth a watch and it’s a perfect beach to go and relax and do nothing. The word Nirvana justifies what the beach offers.

Nirvana Beach, Karnataka

3.Mandvi, Kutch

A very unique beach with windmills lining across the stretch, Mandvi is a virgin beach so far. The relaxing waters are good for swimming. Traditionally a ship building hub, it has now been created as a hub for tourists.

4.Ganga Beach, Gokarna

Unlike most of the beaches at Gokarna, Ganga beach is stisll untouched by regular tourists. It is a small secluded beach , much away from commercialisation. It is located at a half an hour drive frm the Om beach.

5.Secret Beach, Kerala

Justifying its name well, it is secretly located in small town in Alleppy ,Kerala.not really a tourist destination, you will mostly find locals at the beach. It s a great place to relax and at the same time learning about their food and culture.

Secret Beach, Kerala

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