Underrated Destinations in Thailand That You Should Check Out Soon

Thailand over the years has successfully managed to earn the position of the most favourite holiday destination. It has something to offer to anyone – families, bachelors and couples. We all have heard of the famous and beautiful beaches of Thailand – KohSamui, Ko Phi Phi and Phuket. But in case you have been to these places or you want to beat the crowd and go somewhere different, Thailand has a handful of amazing destinations that are not yet explored or much talked about in travel guides but are surely as stunning and interesting as some popular ones.

How many of these have you checked out yet?

1.Hua Hin 

Located at about 200kms away from Bangkok, Hua Hin is an already popular spot among the expats. The sandy coasts of the beautiful beach are not over developed and commercialised yet. The 5kms stretch of white sand touching turquoise waters is a sight to behold. The beach has some luxurious accommodation options too along with a night market where you can savour on sea food which is cooked live in front of you. You can be a part of the usual adventure sports like snorkelling and diving here.

Hua Hin spot Bangkok2.KhaoYai Natural Park 

Not really a beach person? Head to KhaoYai Natural Park to explore the natural habitat of wildlife. At just a three hour drive from Bangkok, this is Thailand’s first ever national park which is a habitat to barking deer, elephants, gaurs and bears. Other attractions include bat cave and various camping and hiking trails.

KhaoYai Natural Park


KoMaak is one of the many beautiful islands of Thailand. The beautiful island is located on the Gulf of Thailand and very close to the borders of Cambodia. With beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, the island is known as a Tropical Paradise. The island has many arrangements to learn Thai cooking and Thai boxing. Remember to keep a lot of cash along as the island does not have any ATMs yet.

koMaak islands in Thailand


The small river city located in west of Thailand id worth a visit at least once. Kanchanaburi is mostly known for the bridge over the River Kwaithat for the long history of World War 2 associated with it. While you are there, visit the seven tiered waterfall, Death Railway Museum and Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum.



Isan is popularly known as the farming centre of Thailand. You will find plenty of rice fields and water buffaloes when you visit but Isan is a lot more than just farming. You can visit the amazing Khmer ruins, small towns on the nearby Makong River and taste very spicy food of the region.

Isan farming centre of Thailand

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