How Travelling Can Help You Fight Depression?

If you are suffering from depression, the mere thought of travelling may feel overwhelming. How can you think about enjoying a vacation when it is difficult to take pleasures in daily life?

The truth is depression is a state of mind that magnifies our troubles and tricks us into thinking that we cannot survive it. Do not let it stop you. Depression can be managed by travelling by establishing a few routines. Having your morning coffee at the same coffee shop every day or bringing your favourite book along are some ways you can stick to small routines. The truth is travelling is actually known to cure depression in so many ways!

Fight Travelling Depression

Here are some ways how travelling can be a wonderful cure to depression!

1.New associations

When you are home, everything you come in contact with reminds you of your current situation, the one that made you depressed. But, when you travel, everything is different. So, it makes us think more about what we are doing or going to do next and hence leaves us with lesser time to think about our past issues. Not to mention the fact that new associations bring along new feelings, emotions and thought which help us break free from our sadness. To avoid depression when travelling solo, get outside your hotel room. Even a quick chat with a stranger in a new city can help you feel the happiness and contentment that you have been longing.

2.Free imagination

Many researches have time and again proven that experiencing a different culture gives us open mindedness. People we have never met before surprise us all day long and we get to try things we never even thought of trying before. This turns out quite favourable for us as we become more receptive to new ideas and their alternatives. So, exposure to an unfamiliar culture is the best medicine for depression.

3.You unleash your creativity

Of course you will not come back home ready to give a TED Talk or even take up a new hobby, but all thanks to small decisions you got to make during your travel, you become more ready to face the everyday challenges with a more creative streak than before.

4.Boosted happiness

Researchers say that the largest boost to happiness comes from anticipating a vacation. So, planning your travel and taking that trip helps you in a long way in lightening up your mood.

5.The world is a natural anti-depressant

Let us not underestimate the power of beautiful mother earth. Travelling cultivates in us a sense of awe that is impossible to experience by seeing what we see every day. Nature has time and again been said to have a very positive effect on our happiness and mental health. Be it exploring the hills or soaking under the sun on a secluded beach, travelling provides abundant opportunities for us to expose ourselves to what the planet earth has to offer.

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