Time and tested tips to travelling with a toddler

It may seem impossible to travel with a toddler sometimes, but there can be times when it is inevitable. If you have the right mind set and temperament it can be easily handled. So, if you have an upcoming trip with your little one, here are some handy tips to save your sanity and other’s!

Travelling With Toddler


Safety is the key when it comes to flying with a toddler. Make sure that your little one is secure on the plane. Keep a close eye on your child at all times to make sure they don’t wander away.

2.Right destination

Choose a destination that is great for both kids and adults. Things will be more pleasant if the kids and adults find something to enjoy together.

3.Planned breaks

If you are taking a long haul flight, plan little breaks where you and your toddler can get up and take small walks across the aisle to stretch your legs and break the monotony.

4.Stay entertained

Keep plenty of diversions to keep the child entertained. Make sure you have a couple of books, snacks, tablets and video games, especially on the plane and in hotels.

5.Stay flexible

Remember, when travelling with a toddler, things are not always going to stay as planned. So, allow your child to enjoy only a few things in a day so that he is not over stimulated. Also, keep a little flexibility with plans and timings.

6.Bring plenty of snacks

Now this one is the most important tip. When travelling with a toddler, bring along plenty of snacks, water, juices to keep your child satisfied.

7.Cherished items

Bring your child’s favourite items like their usual blanket, their toy or anything that they like to keep along. Something familiar at an unfamiliar place is a comfort for the little ones.

8.Keep a check on time

Make sure you plan your activities early enough in the mornings and wind up by evening so that your child has plenty of time to rest.


Routines are important for kids. So, even during a trip, stick to routines as much as you can, especially in terms of naps and meals.

10.Take pictures

Take plenty of pictures to cherish the memories for a long time even after the vacation is over.

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