Places You Must Visit On Your When You Visit Scotland

Scotland – a beautiful and clean destination known for its scenic beauty, Scotland is a well-developed tourist destination. Since you cannot cover it all on your vacation, here is a list of top seven places you must visit on your vacation to Scotland:

1.Loch Ness

Besides the notorious Loch Ness Monster that it is famous for, it has a lot to offer. A hike around the lakeside, checking out the 754 foot deep lake or visit the ruins of Urquhart Castles are just a few things to do in Loch. Do visit the Loch Ness center and museum to find out about the most mysterious sea creatures of UK.

Loch Ness centre and museum

2.Ben Nevis

The soaring peak of Ben Nevis is not just the highest point of Scotland but also the highest mountain top of UK. The hiking and climbing on these ranges is not easy even for seasoned hikers but it does reward you with a memorable experience of a breath-taking view of the Atlantic coast.

Ben Nevis


Glencoe is Scotland’s most scenic mountain valley and displays such a serene landscape that it is unbelievable to be real. Overshadowed by the famous Three Sisters Mountain range, walking through the valley is known to be one of the most rewarding hikes of Scotland.

Glencoe mountain valley

4.Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is home to some of the Scotland’s most alluring landscapes, sandy beaches and windswept moorlands. It is one of the most visited islands of Scotland and a dream destination for hikers and rock climbers.

Isle of Skye

5.Shetland Islands

Shetland Islands are known to be one of the UK’s most unique holiday destination. Located on the north most tip of Isles, it is a favourite among tourist for its unspoiled beaches, diverse wildlife and archaeological sites. It is recommended to visit in January and attend the famous Fire festival which is a tradition to pay homage to their Viking heritage.

Shetland Islands

6.Orkney Islands

If you don’t want to travel so far away to Shetlands, go to Orkney instead. Whether you choose to hike, walk, cycle or sail, you will have a chance to view the puffin and seal colonies, arctic seabirds and even dolphins. The rocky coastlines of Orkney are teeming with alluring wildlife offering a view that can be easily mistaken to be photoshopped.

Orkney Islands


The list of Scotland’s must-visit places cannot be completed without Edinburgh. The historic capital circled by seven hills is one the UNESCO’s heritage sites. Pack your stuff and plan a picnic to the banks of Arthur’s Peak and watch the sunset over one of the most picturesque skylines of Europe.


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