Nicosia – The Food Paradise for food lovers

Nicosia is one such city that is part of two countries. This city is rich in culture, traditions, and tourist spots.  Of course, a city like this has an infinite variety of food items. So, if food rules your life then you better, go to Nicosia. This town has a mastery in more than one cuisine it has lip smacking seafood and mouth melting Greek food.  Additionally, it has fabulous Turkish desserts. So, basically for a foodie, this place is heaven. So all the food mongers out there just log on to rooms expert, and you will find all the budget hotels in this Food Paradise Nicosia.  So book your holiday and make your tummy happy. We have also created a to-eat list for you.

1. Sea Food

Food Paradise

This place is a paradise for a seafood lover. Be it an octopus, calamari, sea bass and the very rare red mullet.  Make sure you have ample of space in your tummy before you sit for a meal beside the sea.  The most common seafood here is baked salt cod with potatoes and tomatoes. This is the go to seafood dish for every local around. People even experiment with fish here with dishes like fish croquettes, fish soufflé.

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2. Meze

Food Paradise

Mezedes is a collection of recipes that include all kinds of food with various textures and flavors. If you want a full meal then, order this you are sure to be full. With food items like fish roe dip, octopus in red wine, snails in tomato sauce, etc. Every restaurant serves a different kind of meze with a different selection of food items. So, hit all the restaurant and make your taste bud happy.

3. Desserts

Food Paradise

Loukoumades is one of the most popular dessert here. It’s dough balls that are fried in sweet syrup. The traditional sweets are made from Figs, Walnuts, Watermelons and Pumpkins. These are not only yummy but healthy as well.

So, don’t wait for a long time. The best time to visit this Food Paradise Nicosia is in July and August.  So, make it your summer vacation destination with the help of roomsxpert hotel booking Nicosia is made easier.

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