Handy Tips for Packing and Travelling Light

We know how tempting it is to pack an entire closet of yours when going on a two day trip. But who doesn’t know the hassles of towing a huge briefcase and the benefits of packing light? While we all plan and aspire to travel light, there is always a lot of confusion on how to actually achieve that. So, before you head away to your next location, check out these handy tips to pack and travel light!

Traveling Bag

1.Be selective

We all have been through this, where we could not decide which outfit we like better and we end up throwing all five of them to decide later. Needless to say we pack four different pairs of matching shoes and a bunch of other accessories that we think we cannot manage without. But that is not the approach you can take if you want to travel light. So, pack the things that you are sure you will need, like your basic toiletries, mandatory clothing and shoes. If you are not sure you will need it, you probably won’t. So, fret not!

2.Restrict the number of bags

If you restrict the number of bags you are going to take along, it forces you to re-evaluate what you must take. Usually one bag is more than enough! And that is exactly what you should aim for! Imagine not having to go through all the baggage checks as one small bag can be easily accommodated in the overhead bin in most of the airlines.

3.Pack your own bags

Having someone else pack your bag is hassle free but you are the best judge to decide what exactly you are going to need. So, be independent and pack your own bags, this is the most basic, yet most important tip to pack and travel light.

4.Stay positive

It is always good if you are prepared for a number of scenarios, but if you need to pack light you must take a positive approach and refrain from packing something with a “just because” in mind. Don’t pack huge first aid kits for example, you can always buy them on the move if you need.

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