Best Walking Tours of the World

Who does not agree that the best way to explore and find out about a new city is to do so on foot? Walking to explore a city is a good way to take in to the sight and scenery of the place more closely. Although we all have at some point in our vacations went out to explore the city by ourselves, it does not hurt to have an expert guide with you who can guide you and tell you what to see and what to miss. With changing perspectives and expectations of modern day traveller, the concept of walking tours has come into the picture. Here are some popular ones to start off with if you share a knack for long walks!

1.Vancouver Photo walks 

You will be proud of your travel photos after you are done with this tour. During the tour, you will be assisted by a photography pro who will guide you on how you can use your camera better and help you take more creative shots. If you love photography, then Vancouver photo walk is one essential trip you should add to your bucket list.

Vancouver Photo walks

2.Alternate London 

Look beyond Big Ben and Buckingham Palace and take this short three hour tour through East End of London. The tour primarily focuses on street art and assisted by guides who are artists themselves.

Big Ben and Buckingham Palace

3.Hungry Birds Food Tour, Amsterdam 

If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, spare an afternoon free for an amazing tour that lets you sample the best street food of the city including Belgian fries, Spicy spring rolls, raw herring, Dutch cheese and even local beers. There is a separate tour for vegetarians too.

Hungry Birds Food Tour, Amsterdam

4.Marrakech Food Tours 

Started by a team of husband and wife to help you have a taste of authentic Moroccan food. It’s a three hour walking tour that involves tasting slow cooked lamb, traditional pastries and salads and mint tea. The tour can be booked on

Marrakech Food Tours

5.Liuda Tours, Hong Kong 

It offers five different three hour walking tours around Hong Kong. It includes an excursion to a famous art gallery, a night time haunted tour and a very famous dessert tour for all those with a sweet tooth.

Liuda Tours, Hong Kong

6.Melbourne by foot 

The tour basically offers two different options to visitors. You can learn about the city’s history, art and culture in the Daily Cultural Walk tour or decide to go with the Beer Lover’s Guide to quench your never-ending thirst for some awesome local beers.

Melbourne by foot

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