5 Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations Of India

After the hectic wedding rituals are over,it’s time for the most awaited holiday of your life – the honeymoon. It is the perfect excuse for any couple to relax, unwind and get to know each other after the festivities are over. In case you plan to spend your honeymoon in India, instead of opting for the regular places, why not explore something unique? So, if you are tired of looking at the pictures of the same old beaches and paradises promoted by travel agents and the same old suggestions like Shimla, Goa and Kashmir don’t appeal to you, consider our list of offbeat destinations that offer the ideal setting for your honeymoon, so that you take home memories you can cherish forever.

1.The Sundarbans

What can be more beautiful than secluded beautiful forests for a honeymoondestination? Situated in Bengal, Sundarbans are famous for its crisscross waterways and mangrove forests stretching as far as you the human eye can see. The roar of the Bengal Tiger in the middle of the night is an experience that cannot be described. There are several resorts providing all the amenities at your disposal to make your stay a pleasant one.



It is an ideal place to start your romance and let the memories linger for a long time. So if you are a couple who would love to travel back in time and experience the ancient art and heritage, Khajuraho is the place to be. The Ramada Khajuraho is an ideal setting for the honeymooners, but you can choose from various options available according to your budget.

Khajuraho Lakshmana Temple


Who says you have to stick to beaches or hills for your honeymoon? You can begin your journey in the beautiful Udaipur city of Rajasthan by exploring the magnificent palaces, historic buildings, cool blue lakes and insta worthy view. Popularly known as the “city of lakes” , there is a lot to see in the small city, from Saheliki Bari to City Palace, Jag Mandir to Lake Pichola, the city does not let you get bored.

Udaipur Beach


A hilly state in north eastern part of India, it is known as ‘Abode of the Clouds’. It offers spectacular beauty, cloud covered mountains beautiful lakes and waterfalls to make you fall in love with the destination as well as your partner. Some of the worth visiting destinations during your honeymoon are Shillong, Khasi Hills, Cheerapunji and Mawsmai Falls.


5.Arunachal Pradesh

Honeymoon in Arunachal Pradesh seems unheard of but can be an experience of a lifetime. Also known as the ‘Land of dawn lit mountains’ the state is full of scenic beauty. Stunning mountains, beautiful rivers rainforests, wildlife reserves with exotic flora and fauna , boating and adventure sports like rafting and hiking are just a few of the experiences that Arunachal Pradesh has to offer. The diverse culture along with pleasant atmosphere is a delight for the honeymooners.

Arunachal Pradesh

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