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Luanda, Angola

About Luanda, Angola

Experiencing an economic boom mainly due to its oil reserves, the country is trying fast to catch up to its old fame. It’s the perfect example of climbing the ladder of success even after getting crippled due to the devastation caused by the horrendous civil war. Best hotels in luanda angola ranging from $100 – $550 per night with a fine dining restaurant bill might be $100 per person.

  • Luxury At Its Best

Marked as the world’s most expensive city, the busy roads of Luanda can be spotted with luxurious beauties like Porsche and Range Rovers during any time of the day.

  • Ideal Holiday Destination To Unwind Our Souls

Highly influenced by the Portuguese culture, the city amazes its visitors with spectacular views of wild life and sandy beaches. An ideal holiday destination for adventure lovers, Luanda doesn’t disappoint the tourists who simply want to laze around the beachside.

  • Shopping Buzz

Shopping freaks love the city for its handicrafts, African masks, and ivory jewelries

Top places to visit in Luanda
  • Augostinho Neto Mausoleum
  • Fortaleza de São Miguel
  • National Museum of Slavery
  • Palacio de Ferro
  • Mussulo Island
  • Quiçama National Park
  • Palais Presidentiel
  • Cathedral of the Holy Saviour, Luanda

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Why People loves Luanda

Budget (value for money) Travelers 73%
Foodie 76%
Adventure (nature lovers) Travelers 85%
Backpackers 70%
Business Travelers 87%
Culture (history) 90%
Infrastructure 89%