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Bamako, Mali

A Guide to Bamako

Bamako, The Capital of Mali, is the largest city in the country. Spanning across both sides of the Niger River, Bamako is an important trading and administrative centre of Mali.

With the evidence of settlements since Palaeolithic age, Bamako has a long and deep-rooted history.This ancient city, like its country, has seen a change of several rules, imprints of which are still seen in Bamako’s architecture and culture.

A colourful city dotted with sightseeing places and markets, Bamako has lots to offer to tourists.

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Places to Visit in Bamako

Bamako Grand Mosque

Located to the north of the Niger River, Bamako Grand Mosque is one of the tallest and most impressive structures in Bamako. Rebuilt on the original mud-brick structure, the construction of the current building was funded by the Saudi Government which comes as no surprise as the architectural style is prominently Saudi than African.

Musee National de Bamako

Small but well-equipped and nicely maintained, the National Museum gives a good glimpse into the history and culture of Mali.

Zoo National du Mali

A clean, well-kept zoo with a number of animals to see, Bamako zoo is well worth a visit.

Bamako Artisan Market

A crowded African street market, it offers everything from clothes, edibles to jewellery. Here you may also take a peek at the local art and craft-making. Interestingly shops here also sell weird items like monkey and crocodile heads, dog legs, lion urine etc. as the attributes to white and black magic used for cures or vices.

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Why People loves Bamako

Budget (value for money) Travelers 86%
Foodie 84%
Adventure (nature lovers) Travelers 89%
Backpackers 82%
Business Travelers 88%
Culture (history) 86%
Infrastructure 88%