Unconventional Things You Can Do In Bamako City

Bamako City is the capital of Mali and also the capital of the country. This city is a home to about one million residents and counting. One of the first things you will notice when you land in this city is the color red. The buildings, roads even the soil is red all thanks to the high iron content. For a minute it feels like that the city is a canvas dipped in red paint. Along the city flows the river Niger giving you completely Instagram worthy views. This city has a lot to see from museums to mosques but in this article we made a list of things that are super unconventional and you can try if you like to travel out of the box. This city is full of surprises. Trust us on that.

1. The Death Market

Well, I am sure you must have heard about the gallant bravery of Africans. Guess what this market just proves that. As the name suggest this Market has an array of dead species to choose from. We are not making this up. The vendors kill these animals all by themselves and then come to the market to sell of their loot. Not all these animals are dead but they are purchased for the sole purpose of eating so they don’t really have a long life to live. Hedgehogs, snakes are just few animals you will come across.

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2. The Musical Touch

Africans are supposed to possess great musical talent and this place will prove it to you. In fact Mali music has given birth to the “blues”. Malians take rhythm and music very seriously that is why don’t be surprised if you are often encountered by band at every nook and corner of the city. If you plan well you might be able to catch a concert too this city is always hosting one.

3. Appaloosa Club

Giddy up and get on your cowboy boots and hats. This bar is cowboy themed with men dressed in red velvet and women clad as cow girls. This place is hot favourite for quite a lot of tourists.

4. The Recycling Market in Bamako City

Anything and everything can be recycled. From a small plastic bag to a big aluminium car. You can get a new wall hanging or a cute chair. Be sure to check this place out we assure you that you will end up buying something for sure.

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Bamako city is full or surprises so we suggest that at all times you have your sense on a high alert. This city promises to give you memories which will last a lifetime. For the best deals for Hotel in Bamako logon to roomsxpert and enjoy your next vacation.

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