Top 5 Tourist Attractions of Yangon, Myanmar

Everyone is busy planning their next trip around this time of the year as summer vacations are officially here. I am pretty sure that you are confused as to which country you should fly off to, we suggest that you make Yangon (Myanmar) your next holiday destination. This city is the capital of Myanmar and is full of tourist attractions. Yangon is a peaceful city where everyone believes in spirituality. This city is deeply set in their religion and is considered one of the holiest, sacred places for Buddhists in the world. This city has a rich culture, and it will amaze you that how over the decades it is still left untouched. Well, if you still have an Image of Myanmar being a country with Jungles and uncultivated land. Trust us; you are in for a huge surprise. Myanmar is a well-developed country now, with all amnesties any traveller can ever need while on a trip. Yangon as a city like every other capital has its own schedule people are busy in their own lives. The street food is great and to die for, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. Down below we made a list of top tourist attractions that you just can’t miss while you are on a trip to Yangon.

1. Shwedagaon Pagoda

Tourist Attractions

This is one of the best tourist attractions in the city. People come from far and near to see this pagoda and pay their homages. This temple is an architectural marvel. It looks straight out of a period drama film. This pagoda is stunning and will have you mesmerized. The tickets for foreigners are a bit expensive about eight thousand kyats but every penny spent is totally worth it. A pro tip if you want to see the Pagoda without the crowd I suggest you go early in the morning as the Pagoda opens at 4 in the morning till 10 in the night. The golden Buddha which lies in the heart of this Pagoda will truly leave you mesmerized in every way possible. It is a very large place so be prepared to walk a lot. Also, don’t forget to dress modestly as Pagoda is a religious place.

2. Taukkyan War Cemetery

Tourist Attractions

Like every country in the world, Myanmar too has a rich history that one should definitely learn about once there. It is a well-kept cemetery where all the soldiers were buried who fought the war against the Britishers who ruled over this country. It contains the graves of about more than six thousand soldiers. The walk through the cemetery is very touching as you go around reading the names and ages of the ones passed on. This is a beautiful way to give the tribute to all the people who otherwise would have gone nameless but had a huge part to play in the road to independence. This place is very quiet and gives you a sense of calm. The entry fee is not much so make sure you visit it and I suggest that you steer clear from the tourist guides as you don’t need one in this Tourist attraction.

3. Yangoon Circular Train

Tourist Attractions

The city not only full of the beautiful building but gorgeous landscapes as well. This city train which starts from central Myanmar station is a great way to have a small tour of the city, and you will also get to see the whole city and catch the feel of it. Another additional point is that this train is used by the locals so one can make friends and gets an opportunity to talk to them as well. It takes you to the outskirts of the city as well where you can enjoy the low mountains that are like the permanent background of the city. We suggest that you take the evening train as then you will also be able to catch the sunset which is completely magical.

4. Inya Lake

Tourist Attractions

This lake is the heart of the city as it is geographically right in the middle of the city. It is beautiful and completely scenic you will find a lot of localities coming to unwind and enjoy themselves. The side of the lake is lined with great small cafes and restaurants where you can chill and relax. You can fully enjoy the street food culture of this place. After heavy eating, we suggest that you take a good long walk around the lake. The weather is perfect during the evening time so, we suggest that you make Inya Lake a spot to have your dinner. You will also catch a glimpse of the Yangon nightlife here. If you walk up to the shores, you get to see the Fisherman hard at work if you are lucky then strike up a conversation with them and know more about the city. This lake is also considered the largest green patch of the city.

5. BogyokeAung Sun Market

Tourist Attractions

We are all aware that no trip is complete till the time you have not shopped. One of the most crowded and popular markets in Yangon is the BogyokeAung Sun Market. This market is open throughout the week except on Monday and full moon holidays. You can buy everything from here be it jewelry, clothing garments, artwork, woodwork, etc. While you are there, we suggest that you pick up a couple of packets of the world famous Myanmar’s Coffee. Also get ready to bargain as this market sees a lot of tourists the shopkeepers can be quite adamant about the prices of the products. This market is full of hustle bustle and colors which make your visit to this place completely vibrant. You will be amazed to see these tourist attractions in the Yangon, Myanmar.

These are the best tourist attractions of Yangon, Myanmar. This city has the ability to surprise you at every turn. The people here respect their visitors and won’t cause any trouble for you at any point. If you are planning to visit Yangon anytime, then make sure that you book your accommodation with RoomsXpert because we provide you the best hotels at the cheapest rates.

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