Why Your Next Holiday Destination Should Be Kinshasa

If you are an avid traveller then I am sure you already have that particular town or city in your mind for your Next Holiday Destination of which you were not expecting anything but it turned out to be one of the best trips ever. Well, for me that city was Kinshasa. The African country Republic Of Congo has a rich history and culture. Following the same lead the city Kinshasa is not far behind It is the largest city in the country and also the capital. One of the most interesting things to know about the city is that after Paris it is the largest Francophone city in the world. Who knew Africans speak French? But what fascinated me the most was that just across the Congo river lies another capital called the sister city Brazzaville.

Both these cities hold the record of being the two closes capital cities in the whole wide world. It reminded me of the great Charles Dickens’ novel “A Tale Of Two Cities.” Till the year 1969 this city was called Leopoldville the name which you can still spot around the old areas of the city. One thing you should definitely keep in mind as a traveller to this city is the fact that people don’t like photography here. Locals believe that it removes one’s spirit hence are against it. We would strongly suggest that you keep the camera focused on thing more than people.  While you are here I am sure you plan to do tons of touristy things for your Next Holiday Destination. Well, we have compromised a list of places that tell you why Kinshasa is a city full of surprises.

1. Simba Beer

Next Holiday Destination

We thought what better way to kickstart the list with something we all enjoy in a vacation. No trip is complete without alcohol. If you are a beer fan (who is not?) then you better give your taste buds a taste of this beer. The bottle alone is twice the size of any normal beer. If you are light on your feet after alcohol we suggest that you take someone along as this beer is super strong. We suggest that you enjoy it on a sunny day taking in the sights of the city.

2. Serpents Du Congo

Next Holiday Destination

I know and completely understand that reptiles make everybody get Goosebumps especially snakes. But wait for a moment and take it as an experience as a lifetime. This farm is located about thirty kilometres away from the main city. You can make a whole day out of this trip. The owner here will give you a personal tour himself. He is like a walking encyclopaedia about these reptiles. If you are brave enough we suggest that you even hold a couple of snakes just for pictures. But make sure to call and book the tour ahead of time. Holding a snake is a super brave thing to do we suggest you put this as an achievement on your work resume.

3. Ja Gagne Ma Vie

Next Holiday Destination

No vacation in the world is complete without a perfect shopping spree. In my various trips I have seen people who are totally against the concept of shopping who go completely bonkers when it come shopping abroad. It is an addiction like no other once you see so many things that you have never laid your eyes on before. Well, this is a perfect place to go, the literal meaning of this place is “I earn my life.” You will find great handcrafted products that you will never get anywhere else. One of the biggest plus point in shopping from here is the fact that all the products are made by physically handicapped patients so you are also doing a good deed by purchasing these items. Not only do you shop but also get good Karma points.

4. Zongo Falls

Next Holiday Destination

There are few places in Congo which will make even the most hardcore city person fall in love with nature. We all have heard that there is no force as beautiful and gorgeous as mother earth. Zongo falls is one of the few places that prove that statement. A little away from the city of you don’t visit this place I assure you that you will end up regretting your decision. The waterfall is mesmerising, it feels like that you have stepped into a different world all together. The views are picturesque and you won’t even want to blink your eyes thinking that you would miss the view. Away from the hustle bustle of the city this place is the perfect weekend getaway for you and your family. Remember to book the resort in advance with the help of roomsxpert for your Next Holiday Destination.

5. Symphonie Des Art

Next Holiday Destination

We know that understanding art is not everyone’s cup of tea. But appreciating art is everyone’s moral responsibility. Get lost in the beautiful painted canvas with coloured swirls and brush strokes. If you are planning to but an art piece you might b in for a shock as it is all very expensive in fact it is one of the most expensive places in the city. Another heads up the staff of this place is a bit extra protective about the piece here so don’t get worked up if they are following you around everywhere. After all as they say art is priceless.

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