Making the most out of San Salvador

San Salvador is the capital of the North American country of El Salvador. The city has a lot to offer, be it food or shopping. Located at the foot of the San Salvador volcano, it has a vast number of tourist places that one can explore and is home to nearly 2 million people. The city has many picturesque places and beautifully architecture buildings and arenas. One must visit Los Planes De Renderos for the breathtaking view of the whole city of San Salvador. If you’re planning to visit this city, keep yourself safe and always be alert while you’re using public transport or dark roads. Let’s take a look at city’s best restaurants and vicinities that you can’t miss out!

Best eateries of the region


San Salvador

When in the city, food can never be on the problem list because no matter which part of the city you’re in, you will find food everywhere. If you want to grab a quick bite, San Salvador offers numerous fast food restaurant chains like Mc Donald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and so on. If you want to eat an economic meal, local restaurants like Pollo Bonanza and Pollo Campero could be of your choice. However, for a fine-dine or multi-cuisine and fancy eating place, we would recommend you to check out Hacienda Real El Salvador which is a steakhouse that offers the best steak in San Salvador with a cozy and welcoming environment to dine-in. It also well-known for its nightlife that you can enjoy in Basilea Mall, Boulevard de Los Heroes and Las Terrazas (Multiplaza Mall).

Places to shop in San Salvador


San Salvador


If you wish to buy souvenirs and originally crafted handmade products then you must visit the Ilopango markets in the east of the city. You could bargain in these markets since only small artisans are here that tend to sell things at give-away prices. San Salvador also has many shopping plazas, namely El Paseo, Plazamundo, Plaza Merliot, La Gran Via and so on that have luxury, pricey boutiques and food courts too.

Where to roam around and explore


San Salvador

As said before, the city has a lot of places that can be seen and explored spread all over the geographical area of San Salvador. You’ll see Boulevards and wide spread Avenues like Avenue Jerusalem, Boulevard de Los Proceres etc. It also has many monuments like Plaza Gerrardo Barios and Plaza La Libertad that date back to the early 20th century. The Iglesia Rosario, a church in the city is said to be the most beautiful one in North America. You must also try and visit other beautiful places like Plaza Futura or Parque Bicentenario and Zoologico Nacional for taking a look at the flora and fauna.

All factual information provided, San Salvador for its naturally astounding beauty must be on your list when you plan a trip to North America. Hurry up and make your bookings soon at

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