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Senegal is a country set in Western Africa. The largest city in the country which is also the capital called Dakar. This city was colonised by the Portuguese. Dakar is popularly known as the city of commune. For those of you who are unaware commune is municipality which runs a city. The Dakar city is run by approximately 125 years. Dakar is a city with great African Markets, amazing food and incredible cultural places. This place is a world of its own something that every traveller should experience atleast once every lifetime. So, logon to roomsxpert to experience affordable deluxe rooms Dakar. Down below we have made a list of hidden gems of Dakar.

1. House Of Slaves

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This one is not for the faint hearted ones. This place has a tragic history and your heart might bleed by the end of the visit. It is located on an island which is alienated and emits a very sad vibe. This place back in the old slavery days was used as the market for buying and selling off slaves. Traders came here and purchased the type of a human being they needed to and they were later shipped with them. This place is sure to make you feel happy about the end of slavery and cherish your freedom.

2. Cap Manual’s Abandoned Bunker

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Up high on the cliff, this place is popularly called the cave by the locals. If you ask around then you will know that this bunker belonged to A Captain Manual who never came back to take it. As this place is up on the cliff the view is surreal. It is super windy and we suggest that you take an extra jacket handy.

3. Lake Retba

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A Pink lake is something that is going to interest everybody. Move over white beaches this lake has sand which is light pink or crimson in colour. Completely Instagram worthy. This lake is a hub for salt making so moisturise yourself before taking a dip.

Except these places there are many other notable tourist spots as well. Like, Village des Arts, Layen mausoleum, but we understand how travellers are always looking to check out some out of the box places. For affordable deluxe rooms Dakar with out of the box prices log on to

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