Casablanca: The Dream Place For Every Food Lover

The economic and cosmopolitan capital of Morocco, Casablanca is known for its rich Moroccan food that can prove to be a bite of heaven for all the people who love spices. It is also the largest city of Morocco and one of the largest port cities in the world. You can find high-end as well as regular restaurants and cafes, but Moroccan street food here is not to be missed. The people in Casablanca have a flair for spicy meat as well as fluffy bread. They can have soups for all meals of the day, cooked in different styles, the most famous and must try “Harira” which is made of lentils, chickpeas, vermicelli and a combination of the aromatic herbs and exquisite spices. Another thing not to miss while you’re at Casablanca is their mint tea. Let’s have a look at the other delicacies that you must try at different restaurants.

Pocket-friendly places


You know how they say not every good thing comes for a fortune. La Cigale is the place that stands true to these words. It is situated in La Cigale, Blvd Brahim Roudani and is one of the most frequented places by visitors as well as locals when they’re on a budget. La Cigale serves alcohol and basic food to go with it. If you’re somebody with a sweet tooth, don’t worry Benis Patisserie’s have your back. They serve one of the tastiest pastries in town and are well known for Bastilla which is a traditional Moroccan must-try.

Standard restaurants


La Sqala, a garden restaurant that has been built exactly like the remains of a fortress, is sure to give you a vintage feeling while you’re eating there. If you’d like to have fresh and scrumptious seafood while at Casablanca, the best hit for you would be at Taverne du Dauphin, which is a simple place which serves amazing seafood ranging from fish to oysters and mussels. Make sure you make a reservation before you go since you’ll usually find the place full.

Fine-Dining in Casablanca


Sure you’ve heard about Rick’s Café while you’re at Casablanca. The place is assured to give you a very good experience because of its sophisticated seating and a very modern look. The place offers a wide variety of alcohol which includes wine and even beers. As an addition to its elegance is that the place even offers a piano man right beside the seating on the ground floor. Another fine dine place would be Restaurant La Bavaroise that serves mouth-watering, high-quality food. This place is sure to give you many reasons to come back and dine with them. One of them is the well-cooked steak which is a customer’s favorite.

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