5 Reasons Lusaka is the Upcoming Tourist Place

The Summer Vacation time has officially kickstarted. It is a time when the schools close down for the hot summer months, and people look for the perfect family destination. If you are sitting with a globe in front of you and don’t know where to fly off next, then don’t worry because we have got you covered.  One of the top upcoming tourist place in the world is Lusaka.  For those of you who don’t know Lusaka is a city in Zambia. It is the largest city area wise and is also the capital of the country. One of the major reasons why this city is an upcoming tourist place it is because English is the official language of the city. So, it is easier for all the travellers to communicate and sightsee the city. Lusaka is the true essence of Zambia. Here, you will find a perfect blend of the folk and urban population living together in perfect harmony. This is a city which doesn’t look like a city. With beautiful flowers in every corner, you will feel as if you are walking in a park. The people are extremely warm and helpful. The city is like a rich, creamy chocolate slowly unveiling its layers of taste.  We have made a list of seven reasons why you just can’t miss the city of Lusaka.

1. The Great Wild Life

upcoming tourist place

Its not surprise that Africa continent is a gift for all animal lovers. You get to see all sorts of rare and endangered species that too in their natural habitat.  Lusaka is situated near Lower Zambezi National Park, Chaminuka Game Reserve, Kalimba Reptile Park, MundaWanga Environmental Park, Lusaka National Park, Parays Game Ranch and Wildlife Sanctuary. All these natural centres are full of different types of animals. In Zoo everyone has seen animals behind the cages but seeing them in their natural habitat is a different experience altogether. From Elephants to Snake you get to see everything. You will feel like you have stepped in to a wild life channel on television. It is an experience of a lifetime.

2. The Market

upcoming tourist place

Like any other upcoming tourist place travellers are always interested to shop the local place’s artefacts. Lusaka will not disappoint you. Lusaka city market  has about four thousand stalls selling everything that you can ever imagine from  something as small as pin to as big as a computer .The market is full of varieties of things one can buy. You can buy all sorts of souvenirs. This market has something for everyone a wide range of clothing items and accessories for the people who love to dress up, local flavours of spices available for the foodies,gadgets for the tech freak. A pro tip is that you better sharpen your bargaining skills the products have no fixed prices as it is an open market. The shopkeepers tend to hike the prices for the travellers so beware and be stubborn about your rates. Also if you are not a big shopping addict you can still go for a stroll along the market to soak in the culture of Zambia

3. The Majestic Nature

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Even though Zambia’s wildlife is stunning. One just can’t miss the lush greenery it has to offer. In a world where urbanisation is slowly gaining dominance everyone doesn’t get to see tall trees, colourful flowers and immense flora and fauna. Lusaka is a great place to connect back to nature and rejuvenate yourself. One of our favourite spots is the Victoria Falls. It is the largest waterfalls in the world .it is a hotspot for all travellers if you love adventure we suggest that you hike up to the falls even though it’s along trek but the end result is completely worth it.

4. Traces Of Colonial Rule

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Like many African countries Zambia too, was ruled by the Britishers for a long time. Even though it has been more than a century since the colonial rule ended. You will still find traces their existence here and there. Places like the Grand Manor House or ShiwaNg’andu looks like landscapes from a quaint town in England. Such places have rich vivid histories and stories.  If you love history then these are the best places to dig upthe past. A lot of travellers even stay here for a couple of night to be transported back to the Edwardian era. A time which was magical and will offer you a quick escape from the 21st century.

5. Religious Places

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Like every City in the world, this upcoming tourist place Lusaka too has religious places where the locals go to pray. The only difference is that the Cathedrals and the Mosques of this city are no less than great monuments themselves. One such place that you must visit when you go to Lusaka is Cathedral of The Holy Cross. One of the oldest buildings in the city it is still very much functioning and has a very beautiful service every Sunday. The architecture will leave you mesmerized and in complete awe. James mosque too should be added to your list as it is a beautiful building with a very rich history. Make sure that you get a guide or a local to tell you about the past of the building. A pro tip follows all the rules of these religious places, as tourist respect these places to enjoy them.

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